Summer 2007                                                                                                                               Volume 1, Number 3



Throughout the United States, water distribution systems represent the majority of the physical infrastructure for water supplies. Protection of consumer health is the driving force for managing and regulating these systems, and new science that enables cost-effective design, construction, and management of systems is urgent.


To assist in this process, the US Environmental Protection Agency requested that the National Research Council’s Water Science and Technology Board conduct a study of water quality issues associated with public water supply distribution systems and their potential risks to consumers.



Source: American Water Works Association






B.L. Myers Bros. has state-of-the-art equipment and services in air vacuum excavation systems. Now we can punch out more potholes faster, in harder soil, than ever before with the world’s most powerful air vacuum excavation system. The high-velocity, supersonic air that explodes the soil from within for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling.


Vacuum excavation utilizes a high pressure air or water stream to penetrate, expand and break-up soil. Loose soil and rocks are simultaneously removed by a vacuum. This technique is typically used to create a hole one to two feet square and as deep as required to expose the buried utility. When utilized properly the method is a safe, non destructive means of excavation.


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B.L. Myers Bros. has a radio dispatched crew on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to provide the quality service you desire, whether its a residential, municipal or environmental water well system. Our technicians will diagnose your water system’s problem and repair it. B.L. Myers Bros. services all pump brands and water well systems. We install and service submersible pumps, jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical turbine pumps, and submersible turbine pumps and provide other services.


B.L. Myers Bros. is partnering with the world’s largest manufacturer of pumps, Goulds, who has broken the mold to design a radically new

submersible pump that will bring about a whole new era in pumping equipment.

These pumps incorporate many protection and applications features giving B.L. Myers Bros. confidence in their installation with the flexibility to adapt the pump to many different applications.


We have all the specs on; Variable Pump Equipment, Variable Speed Pumps Product Line, and Wastewater Pumps, Basin Packages, Control Panels & Accessories.


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Producing a typical lunch—hamburger, french fries, and a soft drink—uses 1500 gallons of water. This includes the water needed to raise the potatoes, the grain for the bun and the grain needed to feed the cattle, and the production of the soda.







Building Permits and Housing Starts for April 2007

Does new residential construction affect your business? Each month the U.S. Department of Commerce releases new statistics on new housing starts and building permits. Building permits—an indicator of future construction—decreased 8.9% for April 2007 compared to March 2007. Housing starts were up 2.5% compared to March 2007.


Starts and Permits for April 2007