January 2009                                                                                                                    Volume 3, Number 1



Myers . . . since 1884 is proudly printed on all company literature.  Now in 2009, the 125th anniversary of  the Myers family business begins.


In this day and age, 125 years of business is an accomplishment few American companies can claim.  On a daily basis, we hear doom and gloom about the economy, companies laying off employees, or shutting down completely.


Water is our most precious commodity, and for 125 years the Myers family has focused on and become a full service, water well drilling company serving the Eastern United States.  The company headquarters are in Glenmoore, PA; with a division in Frederick, MD; and another division in Manahawkin, NJ.


In 1884 Edward Myers founded E.G. Drillers.  Originally a boiler factory worker, Edward learned well drilling as a side job, eventually purchased a well drilling company and moved it to Salunga , Pennsylvania. Edward had five sons, all of whom entered the family business, which became known as E.G. Myers and Sons.



Rapid growth was fueled by railroad contracts, obtained by the company



when the Pennsylvania Railroad was under construction in the Lancaster County PA. region. When Edward retired, the company split up and son Charles formed C.L. Myers and set up business in Coatesville PA.  Charles’ son Leroy joined his father by working in the water well drilling company which eventually became known as Lee Myers and Sons.


Continuing the tradition, Leroy’s son Barry became a well driller, actually forming his own company, B.L. Myers and Sons, at age 18. 


Today, his brother Gregg, and son David, operate B.L. Myers Bros. companies along the east coast, specializing in environmental, municipal, and residential drilling plus pump water conditioning installations. David and Gregg



















Things To Do

in the Winter


1. Turn it down. Save up to 1% on your heating bill for every degree you turn down the thermostat.


2. Don't let savings go up in smoke. Use your fireplace efficiently.


3. Let the sun heat your home. Open drapes on south-facing windows during the day.


4. Keep the heat. Close curtains at night and on windows that don't get sun.


5. Keep it running. Maintain your heating system.



Water well defined


A water well is any test hole or other excavation into the earth that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, fractured, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed when intended use of such excavation is for the location, monitoring, dewatering, observation, diversification, artificial recharge, or acquisition of ground water or for conducting pumping equipment or aquifer tests. It may be open (uncased and unscreened) or a portion may be cased or screened.


represent the fifth and fourth generations of the Myers drilling family and the sixth is in place with David Jr, working in the pump division.


B.L. Myers Bros. may have had its origins in the 1880’s, but today it is a highly evolved professional operation using the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art equipment.


Going forward into the next years, B.L. Myers continues to focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and respect for the environment, installing


geothermal water well systems, environmental monitoring well systems and residential water wells.  We also install and service all types of water well pumps, and water treatment systems.


The latest piece of equipment has just arrived, a Schramm built T450 track drill rig. The T450 started in the field this month at the Arcola School in Norristown, PA, which is a 108 well to 405ft geothermal project. The future begins now, in our 125th anniversary year.



Human beings are largely creatures of habit; we tend to do and act in ways that have proven to be comfortable.  Most of this behavior took the majority of our adolescence to develop.  Sitting too close to the TV probably never really hurt anyone.  But cutting the grass in flip-flops or welding without glasses because “that’s how I learned” have caused painful injuries to thousands.


The law of habit is one of the Laws of Success.  It states that “virtually all we do is automatic, the result of habit.  Habits that move us away from our goals must be changed.”   In the workplace, the goal of the Safety Director is for each day to end with no accidents or injuries; for the workers to go home better than they arrived. When everyone in the workforce has largely done the same task the same way for years, it is difficult to get one to change unhealthy habits.  Even the gruesome pictures of eye injuries and nail gun mishaps really don’t hit home until it actually happens to you.






The drilling and construction industries have more than their share of dangerous activities; welding, working at heights, temperature extremes, etc. For that matter, fire and police personnel, landscapers, the transportation industry and even fishermen (ever see “Deadliest Catch?”) are all risky to a point. Workers compensation claims in Pennsylvania alone were over $ 2.6 billion for 2006.  It is obvious that many things still need to change.


This past year demonstrated to us, and I am sure to many of you, that no amount of safety practice makes one immune to accidents.  There really is no such thing as “dumb luck.”  For people to really BE safe they must Want to be safe.  This means demonstrating safer habits and keeping the laborers involved in safety decisions.  Work place safety committees are a great place to start.  Monthly safety meetings, incentive programs, and on-site safety training are all part of a proactive safety program.  It’s a new year; maybe it’s time to change old habits.