December 2008                                                                                                             Volume 2, Number 4


    Second page story


    Law of Cause & Effect

Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO – As George Bush’s presidency draws to an end, watchdog groups are calling for President-elect Barack Obama’s administration to fully fund federal agencies that relaxed monitoring of water, air quality and the safety of the food supply and consumer products in the past eight years.

Agencies charged with protecting public health and natural resources from pollution – the EPA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Geological Survey and the Consumer Product Safety Commission – suffered drastic budget cuts or were thwarted from carrying out their missions, the groups say.




Happy Holidays and best wishes to all of our co-workers, friends, and customers. The year 2009 begins a special milestone for B.L.Myers, the 125th anniversary of the company! Since…1884 the Myers family has been involved in well drilling and proudly continues to be a full service water well company in the twenty- first century.

The Philadelphia Zoo also celebrates. America s first zoo will open the McNeil Avian Center just in time to celebrate 150 years of excellence. B.L.Myers is proud to be a part of the renovation of this Philadelphia treasure.


The McNeil Avian Center will be a blend of old and new, preserving neoclassical architecture with the modern feature of geothermal heating and cooling.

B.L.Myers started drilling 52 x 500 ft Geo bores in June 2008 and will finish in January 2009.

Geothermal Systems are being added to existing and new buildings all over the world. As an International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certified installer, B.L.Myers in its 125th year, leads the way in the drilling and installation of these energy saving systems.





I do not believe that a month has past where I did not make the statement that “every accident is preventable.” I am sure that I agree with this; if you say something enough times eventually you do come to believe it. But is this really an accurate declaration?

Safety personnel always find this coming up in conversations with employees, usually after the preventable just took place. The Law of Cause & Effect (also known as the law of action and reaction) states “this is an orderly universe. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. For every effect there is a set of causes.” This seems simple enough. Let’s see how it applies to every day actions.

A man walking on a sidewalk is hit by a car that jumps the curve. He was doing what he anticipated to be a safe action; the sidewalk is for pedestrians and the road is for the automobiles. This is an accident to him; however, the driver of the car could have certainly prevented the


accident by paying closer attention,

saying “no” to that last beer, staying within the speed limit, etc. In this case, prevention was not within the control of the man who was hit, but it was reasonable. Look at your own work place or home accidents and ask “how was this preventable”, not “was this preventable.”


As employers, we make every effort to give our employees the tools to succeed. These tools may be tangible, such as new equipment or safety glasses. But more importantly, they need to have and retain the knowledge to work safely and see the big picture. A dust mask will help prevent dust from getting into your respiratory tract. Minimizing the amount of dust through ventilation or wetting will remove the hazard and is the safer choice. Preventing accidents is achieved by removing their causes; this I do believe.