Winter 2008                                                                                                                               Volume 2, Number 1






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BL Myers Bros of PA from Glenmoore, PA, does it all—all wells, including: residential, geothermal, monitoring, recovery, production, irrigation, and dewatering, as well as soil borings and probably any other type of well or hole you can think of. Their fleet, capable of auger, air rotary, mud, coring and direct push technologies, includes everything from small all-terrain rigs to the most current Atlas Copco T4W.


A recent visit to observe an afternoon of drilling with BL Myers’ driller, Ron Barrage, and helper, Jason Good, found them doing two straightforward holes: a residential water well and a geothermal well. The customers they are working for, on the other hand, have very different philosophies of home construction.


The first site was a very beautiful — and huge — house for Bentley Homes. This home is under construction in a million dollar sub-division in Malvern, PA, near Philadelphia. The once rolling hills and horse pastures have no rural water system, hence each home will require its own well.


Barrage likes the double carrousel of the T4W because it gives him 400 ft of well depth on board. In this part of the country, 400 ft will let him drill a good percentage of the wells required and their water truck carries more pipe, if necessary.


The new Bentley site’s well reached a total depth of 375 ft with a flow of 20 gallons per minute (gpm), which is average for this neighborhood. The well







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just across the street put out 30 gpm at the 400 ft depth. Barrage says he likes to see at least five to ten gpm for a residence.


For a residential location, BL Myers sets 8-inch surface casing to bed rock, which in this case in 32 ft. From there the crew will continue to air drill with a 6-inch bit to total depth.


Barrage has been drilling for 2-1/2 years and said that with the T4W, he was able to begin drilling with little training. “Understanding the fundamentals of drilling and rigs, I was able to jump right on the rig and go to work,” he says.


Quite different in comparison to the Bentley home, Gerald and Siri Hurst are building their retirement home. Jokingly, Siri calls it their “green AARP-friendly” home. After living in a two-story Tudor style home for years, the Hursts spent significant time researching their dream home. They wanted to go as green as possible, “without being silly,” says Gerald. The home they found to remodel fit their lifestyle and budget, but 95% of the home that exists today was built from scratch. Other than a few external walls and a fireplace, the home is very modern and cozy. The Hursts found that remodeling allowed for easier permitting, as opposed to totally knocking the old structure down.


From recycled-bottle carpeting and bamboo and bio-resin materials for flooring to a modern geo-thermal heating and cooling system, the



Originally, the Hursts thought geothermal would be too expensive but after working out the numbers, they saw the payback was possible. Gerald liked the fact that he could realize a return on the geothermal system in six to eight years, “This is, if oil prices stay where they are today,” Gerald comments.


Gerald wants to talk about building green to anyone who will listen. “We are really committed to this,” says Gerald. He thinks geo-thermal systems are the way of the future.

The engineer who designed their system specified two 600 ft wells, but BL Myers cam back with the suggestion for three 400 ft wells. The home sits along a creek, and with the high water level and potential backpressure, the deeper holes might have caused the wells to be more expensive to drill. “I like that the driller cam back with the change. It shows their expertise,” says Gerald.


Expertise is what makes BL Myers Bros of PA the successful business that it is. With all the capabilities for drilling and using the right equipment, like the T4W, they will be in business for many years to come.


Reprinted from the Deep Hole Driller. February 2008.